Court Using Rotation Policy

If all courts are filled, players are expected to adhere to this policy.

No singles are allowed when there are rackets waiting in the queue.

If score is being kept, players on the courts must switch off after two sets of 21 points. If no score is being kept, players must switch off after 20 minutes of play. 

To place yourself in the queue for the next open court, hang your racket in the next open slot. Once a court is available, the next players in the queue will take the court.


Place up to 4 rackets per slot. One slot corresponds to one court. 

Keep an eye on the queue, and shift your rackets forward once the next slot opens up.


Q: Should we  put all 4 rackets in the same spot in the queue? 

A: Yes, if you want the court, please hang 4 rackets in the slot. 

Q: If one slot in front has less than 4 rackets, Can I cut in to fill the 4 rackets?

A: Yes you can.