Badminton Training Summer Camp 2022 @CBA

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Let our kids get trained by the world champion!


Session 1: May.30 to Jun.3 & Jun.6 – Jun.10

Session 2: Jun.13 – Jun.17 & Jun.20 –Jun.24

Session 3: Jun.27 – Jul.1 & Jul. 4 – Jul.8

Session 4 Jul. 11 – Jul. 15 & Jul.18 – Jul. 22

Session 5 Jul. 25 – Jul.29 & Aug. 1 – Aug.5

Session 6 Aug.8 – Aug.12 & Aug.15 – Aug. 19


9:00AM - 12:00AM & 1:00PM - 4:00PM


Optional Class: 4:00PM-5:00PM

Optional Class

Class 1: Beginnig Violin

Class 2:Parliamentary Debate

Class 3: Singing

Class 4: Homework Tutoring

12:00AM-1:00PM Lunch Time, Students can bring their own lunch box or enjoy our $8 lunch.


 Chicago Badminton Academy

570A Telser RD, Lake Zurich, IL 60047


Coach: Head Coach: World Champion Cindy Shi(After Jun.9)

Assistant Coach: Emily Han, Jimmy Sun, Wewei Jia

CBA Member Pricing Non-Member Pricing
$900–  Full-Day Session $1000 – Full-Day Session
$550 –  Half-Day Session $580 – Half-Day Session
$100 – Per Full Day $110 – Per Full Day
$55 – Per Half Day $60 – Per Half Day
$150 – Optional Class/Session $170 – Optional Class/Session


The 2nd Session 5% off, 3rd Session 10% off

4th Session 15% off, 5th and 6th Session 20% off

Second siblings will get 10% off and 3rd siblings will get 15% off.

 Early bird registration: Before May.20, Full-Session Students will get a $125 Package (a $70 value racket, a $10 jumping Rope and $45 Value Referal Cards). Half-Day Session Students will get a $90 Package (a $50 Value Racket , a $10 Jumping Rope and $30 Value Referal Cards). Full-day students will get a free lunch and two snacks.

Second siblings will get 10% off and 3rd siblings will get 15% off.

All levels are welcome!

Players will learn:

·  Racket Grip

·  Footwork

·  Form and Movement

·  Timing, Speed, Power, and Strategy

·  Serve and Serve Returns

·  Clear Smash & Smash Return

·  Drop Crossing Drop

·  Slide 

 · Drive

 Players will be divided into 2 groups according to their skill levels

Refund Policy

Before the start of the session, you can get a full refund minus a $20 administrative fee. After the session starting, Please inform us 24 hours before the class, your money will become a credit which can be used in our academy. Otherwise, you will be marked as no-show and you are responsible for the price of the class.

Please bring your own rackets($5 rental for using our rackets per day) and please switch your non-marking indoor court shoes to keep a clean enviroment for kids.

·  Racket

·  Water

·  Non-marking court shoes

·  Lunch box for full-day students and 2 Non-Nuts Snacks

·  Jumping Rope

Please tell your kids, DO NOT share your foods. Please let us know if your kids have any allergic foods

Summer Camp Register Here